Okay, the Sun, it sucks… well, not really, the Sun is awesome, but, with only a white light filter, right now it is pretty boring (to look at). Now, if anyone has a H-Alpha filtered telescope… and lives in the Athens, GA, or Thomaston, GA area… and actually reads this blog (doubtful), then I would like… love… begging… to be able to come by and snap some pictures. Anyway, it is supposed to be clear (partly cloudy and cold) here in Athens tonight, almost a full moon, etc, so I am going to make some photographic attempts. If there are any requests, pass them on, just keep in mind its heavily light polluted, I use a Dobsonian (not great for astrophotography), and I don’t have the adapter for my SLR yet. But, feel free to request (it means actual comments on my page!)

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