Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn

Here are some pictures of Saturn – not great, but with my Canon A75 its about the best I can do… now for the moon. Moon pictures should be coming soon… got the coffee maker working!

Photos so far…

Seven Sisters  Seven Sisters  Orion’s Nebula (Orion A)

Here is what I have so far… although not great, but I think my scope is finally getting to temp. The two on the left are the Seven Sisters Nebula cluster (although I don’t think I got all seven – Andrew help me out!) the one on the left is Orion’s Nebula – or Orion A (sorry it didn’t put that last time) – it is part of Orion’s Sword, right in the middle (the middle of the three). I’m bout to head back out soon… the Moon is’t up yet, and I may attempt Saturn… never done that before, but Dr. Schmude (old Astronomy prof.) said I should!

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