Lyra, upclose – 7/31/08

I decided to go 55mm instead of 18mm and get “close in” shots. This is the first one I have processed, and I have a few more which I will get on here in a little bit. Again, these can also be made for desktop backgrounds, just let me know if you want one.

Constellations – Pegasus, Aquila, & More – 7/31/08

Arcturus & Clouds – 7/30/08

Finally, a star! I had a slight break in the clouds, and was able to get a photograph of Arcturus (star). I almost got one of Vega, but the clouds covered it before I could get my camera outside. The very last picture is one that can be used as a desktop background.

Clouds – 7/30/08

Still back on Earth… still cloudy, so I decided since God was giving me clouds, I’d make cloudade… err… pictures of clouds! I know, I am bored! But thats okay. I hope to get some more lightning shots if weather permits… funny, I usually say that about Moon shots or constellations! If you want to use one of these pictures as a desktop background, please e-mail me and I will get you the correct size.

Lightning! – 7/29/08

For the second time, I have gotten pictures of lightning here in Thomaston, GA. Last time I only had three, this time I have 5. As with the Moon pictures, I have made them two sizes, one for “viewing,” the other that can be used as a background/wallpaper for your desktop. Enjoy!

The Phases of the Moon – 7/24/08-7/26/08, 7/28/08-7/29/08

Even though I missed the Moon on July 27, this little series of pictures showing the changing in the Moon’s phase came out better then I could have ever hoped. This will probably be the last one in this series due to the Moon  rising earlier in the morning – or later at night depending upon your perspective!

The Moon – 7/29/08

This will probably be the last pics of the Moon for awhile, unless I can get one more set tomorrow morning. Because of the “smaller” nature of the Moon, there are fewer pictures this time – simply, not much of the Moon to photograph! Also, pleas keep in mind, just as when the Moon is full and is hard to focus, the smaller the moon gets the harder it is to focus as well.

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