Lightning! 07/21/08

A stormy night in Georgia – well, not really, just some lightning. This is my second attempt EVER – unless you count when I was like 16 when Opal came though – to take pictures of lightning. Here are some.

As a note… the storm came later… really nice, heavy thunderstorm!

10,000 Hits! – Some of my favorite photos included.

10,000 hits! I finally broke 10,000! Thanks so much to everyone out there who has visited this site as well as helped me out! On the Astronomy side, Andrew – Beyond the Clouds, and Ed – Flintstone Stargazing, and of course on the religious/philosophy side, my “big brother,” Fr. Mike Birdsong.

Below, I have put some of my more favorite astronomy pictures from the past eight months. Thanks again!!!

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