Moon upclose (and personal) #3

Again, these pictures were taken back in April, from Athens, Georgia. Unlike the previous pictures of the Moon however, these were taken with my Canon A70 point and shoot. The quality therefore isn’t the greatest, but I liked them anyways. Also, unlike the previous posts, I have not posted any pictures like these. Also, some of these pictures are better then others, so please view them all.

More Moon #2 – 7/16/08

Here is some more Moon shots, like the ones before, but these were taken with a Moon filter, instead of the light pollution filter. Same camera and method, same eyepiece.

Jupiter with Moons – 7/16/08

Jupiter with 3 moons
Jupiter with 3 moons

Here is Jupiter with three of its moons. The picture is actually the same image, taken with a Canon 350D with telescope projection, with one image highly exposed to reveal the moons, superimposed – with correct measurement – with a “properly” exposed Jupiter. The overexposed moons have been blurred to give them a more rounded effect.

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