The Sun – 7/24/08

Not much going on with the Sun these days, at least through white light. IT gave me a chance to re-try some Sun photos without sunspots so I know what is going on with my camera, eyepieces, etc. Here is two shots I got.

Background Moon #2 – 7/24/08

Another Moon picture that can be wonderfully used as a background or “wallpaper” for your computer desktop. Again, if you like it, and want to use it, please feel free! Also, if you need a different size, this one is 1200 x 800, email me at, or leave a comment and let me know, and I will be more then happy to resize it.

Background Moon – 7/24/08

Here is one of my best shots of the Moon with my DSLR. I have made the image so it will make a pretty good background for your computer monitor. If you like it, but need a different size, please leave a comment and let me know, or send me an email –, and I will be glad to send you one! The picture below is 1200 x 800


Please note, the image has an embedded watermark. Everyone can use it, just can’t claim it as yours!

Moon – 7/24/08

I walked out this morning, and contrary to what my little weather chart said, it was “clear” and I could see the Moon. Please keep in mind that the atmospheric conditions were not great, but these pictures came out pretty good. This is my first batch, and you will have two options in picture size.

854 x 569 then 1068 x 712

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