Delphinus, Cygnus & Lacerta – 7/26/08

Not the greatest shot in the world, but it is the first time I got all of Lacerta. I took this around 5am, hince the amount of ambient light, plus the Moon is still playing havoc!

Moon Phases #2 – 7/24/08 – 7/26/08

Here is the phases of the Moon again, except instead of three separate images, all three images are in one. There are three sizes below, from the original size, to smaller.

Moon Phases - 7/24/08 - 7/26/08: 3005x812
Moon Phases - 7/24/08 - 7/26/08: 1502x406
Moon Phases - 7/24/08 - 7/26/08: 844x228

Moon Phases – 7/24/08 – 7/26/08

Here is three pictures showing the changes in the phase of the Moon. Even though only three days have passed, it is pretty neat to see how much the phase changes in that short period of time! Also, note the amount of detail that shows up with each passing picture.

The Moon – 7/26/08

First shots of the Moon from this morning. Pictures taken roughly around 3am. All pictures taken int he same manner as the past several days. These are the first ones I have processed, more to come later.

Moon Background (Desktop Wallpaper) – 7/26/08

Keeping with a three day old tradition, here is a new background for your desktop – 1200 x 800. This one is a little different, for it does not feature the entire lit surface of the Moon, but only a part. Its not perfect, but then again, what is!

Moon - 7/26/08 - 1200x800
Moon - 7/26/08 - 1200x800

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