Elephant’s Trunk Nebula – IC 1396

The weather in New England has been full of a lot of misses over the past month or so. Either too cloudy, too hot, or both. At the beginning of August, I decided to use the Radian Raptor 61mm to shoot the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula.

Processed as a HOO palette image using Astro Pixel Processor to separate the color channels, I really liked how this came out versus the “normal” processing and also the simulated SHO processing I did.

Radian Raptor 61
Canon EOS Ra
Optolong L-Pro Filter
ZWO 30mm f4 MiniScope (guide)
ZWO asi224mc (guide)
Pegasus Powerbox Advanced

19 x 360s
Dark, flat, bias and dark flat frames for calibration
ISO 800 – Taken in Providence, RI – Bortle 8

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