Lightning! – 7/29/08

For the second time, I have gotten pictures of lightning here in Thomaston, GA. Last time I only had three, this time I have 5. As with the Moon pictures, I have made them two sizes, one for “viewing,” the other that can be used as a background/wallpaper for your desktop. Enjoy!

Moon Background (Desktop Wallpaper) – 7/26/08

Keeping with a three day old tradition, here is a new background for your desktop – 1200 x 800. This one is a little different, for it does not feature the entire lit surface of the Moon, but only a part. Its not perfect, but then again, what is!

Moon - 7/26/08 - 1200x800
Moon - 7/26/08 - 1200x800

Background Moon #2 – 7/24/08

Another Moon picture that can be wonderfully used as a background or “wallpaper” for your computer desktop. Again, if you like it, and want to use it, please feel free! Also, if you need a different size, this one is 1200 x 800, email me at, or leave a comment and let me know, and I will be more then happy to resize it.

Background Moon – 7/24/08

Here is one of my best shots of the Moon with my DSLR. I have made the image so it will make a pretty good background for your computer monitor. If you like it, but need a different size, please leave a comment and let me know, or send me an email –, and I will be glad to send you one! The picture below is 1200 x 800


Please note, the image has an embedded watermark. Everyone can use it, just can’t claim it as yours!

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