Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn  Saturn

Here are some pictures of Saturn – not great, but with my Canon A75 its about the best I can do… now for the moon. Moon pictures should be coming soon… got the coffee maker working!


Okay, the Sun, it sucks… well, not really, the Sun is awesome, but, with only a white light filter, right now it is pretty boring (to look at). Now, if anyone has a H-Alpha filtered telescope… and lives in the Athens, GA, or Thomaston, GA area… and actually reads this blog (doubtful), then I would like… love… begging… to be able to come by and snap some pictures. Anyway, it is supposed to be clear (partly cloudy and cold) here in Athens tonight, almost a full moon, etc, so I am going to make some photographic attempts. If there are any requests, pass them on, just keep in mind its heavily light polluted, I use a Dobsonian (not great for astrophotography), and I don’t have the adapter for my SLR yet. But, feel free to request (it means actual comments on my page!)

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