Jupiter and more from Providence, RI

It’s been about a year since I have posted anything astronomy wise, but here are some. They are not spectacular for a few reasons 1) I have never used a Nikon before 2) it was cloudy & 3) well… it is Providence, lots of light. Oh, and the Jupiter one might actually be Vega or possible Deneb, it is hard to tell with the clouds.


Jupiter – 7/25/08

Well, while¬† was waiting on the Moon, I decided to cure my boredom by taking some shots at Jupiter. Normally, Jupiter frustrates me, but not tonight! Please keep in mind, all of my pictures through a telescope are taken through a 6″ reflector, with a focal length of 1200mm, with no tracking – thus, it is not the best scope in the world – to put it lightly – to take astro-pictures with! So, beyond the Moon and the Sun, anything closely resembling anything… seriously, makes me happy!

Jupiter with Moons – 7/16/08

Jupiter with 3 moons
Jupiter with 3 moons

Here is Jupiter with three of its moons. The picture is actually the same image, taken with a Canon 350D with telescope projection, with one image highly exposed to reveal the moons, superimposed – with correct measurement – with a “properly” exposed Jupiter. The overexposed moons have been blurred to give them a more rounded effect.

10,000 Hits! – Some of my favorite photos included.

10,000 hits! I finally broke 10,000! Thanks so much to everyone out there who has visited this site as well as helped me out! On the Astronomy side, Andrew – Beyond the Clouds, and Ed – Flintstone Stargazing, and of course on the religious/philosophy side, my “big brother,” Fr. Mike Birdsong.

Below, I have put some of my more favorite astronomy pictures from the past eight months. Thanks again!!!

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