10,000 Hits! – Some of my favorite photos included.

10,000 hits! I finally broke 10,000! Thanks so much to everyone out there who has visited this site as well as helped me out! On the Astronomy side, Andrew – Beyond the Clouds, and Ed – Flintstone Stargazing, and of course on the religious/philosophy side, my “big brother,” Fr. Mike Birdsong.

Below, I have put some of my more favorite astronomy pictures from the past eight months. Thanks again!!!

More Constellations – Sprewell Bluff – Thomaston, GA (07/01/08)

Here is some more pictures from July 1 when I was out at Sprewell Bluff. In this batch, I have one of my favorite constellations – Coma Berenices, as well as one of my more favorite shots of late, Saturn, Mars and Regulus. Also included are some of Cygnus, Lyra and more.

Again, all pictures taken with the same specifications as mentioned in previous posts.

Featured on SpaceWeather.com!

I now have had a picture featured on SpaceWeather.com! This is my first formally pictured astrophoto. The picture was taken on June 30, 2008, and it featured Saturn, Mars and the star Regulus in the constellation Leo. The above picture is a photo of the opening page of SpaceWeather.com featuring my photograph – taken so I will not think it was a dream in the morning. My thanks goes out to them!

SpaceWeather.com can be found at http://www.spaceweather.com

Saturn, Mars & the Moon + The Big Dipper – May 7, 2008

I thought the shot with Saturn, Mars and the Moon is really cool. The Moon is so bright due to the long exposure (30s and then15s, and then I believe 5s for the dimmest one). Once again, I came close to getting all of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), but once again I failed by about three stars… if only I had been more patient!

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