Cygnus with the North American Nebula
Cygnus with the North American Nebula

Canon EOS 350D, 30s exp. 1600 iso, f.18mm, apt. 5.6 – Sprewell Bluff, just outside of Thomaston, GA USA

The North American Nebula can be seen as a reddish smudge in the lower left corner of the constellation

More Constellations – Sprewell Bluff – Thomaston, GA (07/01/08)

Here is some more pictures from July 1 when I was out at Sprewell Bluff. In this batch, I have one of my favorite constellations – Coma Berenices, as well as one of my more favorite shots of late, Saturn, Mars and Regulus. Also included are some of Cygnus, Lyra and more.

Again, all pictures taken with the same specifications as mentioned in previous posts.

Constellations, cont. – Thomaston, GA

Here is the first batch of pictures I took this morning (July 1, 2008 ) from around 1:30am to 3:00am. All pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 350D, focal length of 18mm, exp. 30s, and iso 1600.

Also, all pictures have been edited in Paint Shop Pro.

Photos so far…

Seven Sisters  Seven Sisters  Orion’s Nebula (Orion A)

Here is what I have so far… although not great, but I think my scope is finally getting to temp. The two on the left are the Seven Sisters Nebula cluster (although I don’t think I got all seven – Andrew help me out!) the one on the left is Orion’s Nebula – or Orion A (sorry it didn’t put that last time) – it is part of Orion’s Sword, right in the middle (the middle of the three). I’m bout to head back out soon… the Moon is’t up yet, and I may attempt Saturn… never done that before, but Dr. Schmude (old Astronomy prof.) said I should!

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