Moon – March 14, 2008 (Thomaston, GA)

Moon #1  Moon #2  Moon #3  Moon #4  Moon #5 

Okay… these are some of the best pictures I have ever taken. Taken through my 6″ scope, with a 32mm eyepiece w/ a light pollution filter, Canon A75 point and shoot digital. Some of the pics have some digital noise due to me running a high sharping effect on them, but Moon #1 is the most favorite picture I have ever taken. Click to view (duh! – but I had to put that on the for Big Brother)

New Astronomy Pictures

Sun - Jan. 23, 2008  Near Full Moon

Here is the Sun, not a great pic, but just wanted to take it. No sunspots, etc. Here is the Moon taken this morning (Jan 23, 2008) at around 7am EST. The Moon was taken with my Canon EOS 350D with no telescope. Both pictures taken today from Athens, GA.

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