Jupiter and more from Providence, RI

It’s been about a year since I have posted anything astronomy wise, but here are some. They are not spectacular for a few reasons 1) I have never used a Nikon before 2) it was cloudy & 3) well… it is Providence, lots of light. Oh, and the Jupiter one might actually be Vega or possible Deneb, it is hard to tell with the clouds.


Jupiter with Moons – 7/16/08

Jupiter with 3 moons
Jupiter with 3 moons

Here is Jupiter with three of its moons. The picture is actually the same image, taken with a Canon 350D with telescope projection, with one image highly exposed to reveal the moons, superimposed – with correct measurement – with a “properly” exposed Jupiter. The overexposed moons have been blurred to give them a more rounded effect.

More Constellations – Sprewell Bluff – Thomaston, GA (07/01/08)

Here is some more pictures from July 1 when I was out at Sprewell Bluff. In this batch, I have one of my favorite constellations – Coma Berenices, as well as one of my more favorite shots of late, Saturn, Mars and Regulus. Also included are some of Cygnus, Lyra and more.

Again, all pictures taken with the same specifications as mentioned in previous posts.

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