Orion, Seven Sisters, & the Big Dipper

Orion  Orion  Seven Sisters  Seven Sisters  Big Dipper  Big Dipper

Here are some pictures I took tonight, all but the first one are with my Canon EOS DSLR, the first Orion picture is through my Canon A75. All from a tripod. Not great, but its a start! Click on them to see the full size.

Photos so far…

Seven Sisters  Seven Sisters  Orion’s Nebula (Orion A)

Here is what I have so far… although not great, but I think my scope is finally getting to temp. The two on the left are the Seven Sisters Nebula cluster (although I don’t think I got all seven – Andrew help me out!) the one on the left is Orion’s Nebula – or Orion A (sorry it didn’t put that last time) – it is part of Orion’s Sword, right in the middle (the middle of the three). I’m bout to head back out soon… the Moon is’t up yet, and I may attempt Saturn… never done that before, but Dr. Schmude (old Astronomy prof.) said I should!

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