Arcturus & Clouds – 7/30/08

Finally, a star! I had a slight break in the clouds, and was able to get a photograph of Arcturus (star). I almost got one of Vega, but the clouds covered it before I could get my camera outside. The very last picture is one that can be used as a desktop background.

Lightning! – 7/29/08

For the second time, I have gotten pictures of lightning here in Thomaston, GA. Last time I only had three, this time I have 5. As with the Moon pictures, I have made them two sizes, one for “viewing,” the other that can be used as a background/wallpaper for your desktop. Enjoy!

Lightning! 07/21/08

A stormy night in Georgia – well, not really, just some lightning. This is my second attempt EVER – unless you count when I was like 16 when Opal came though – to take pictures of lightning. Here are some.

As a note… the storm came later… really nice, heavy thunderstorm!

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