Lightning! – 7/29/08

For the second time, I have gotten pictures of lightning here in Thomaston, GA. Last time I only had three, this time I have 5. As with the Moon pictures, I have made them two sizes, one for “viewing,” the other that can be used as a background/wallpaper for your desktop. Enjoy!

The Moon – 7/29/08

This will probably be the last pics of the Moon for awhile, unless I can get one more set tomorrow morning. Because of the “smaller” nature of the Moon, there are fewer pictures this time – simply, not much of the Moon to photograph! Also, pleas keep in mind, just as when the Moon is full and is hard to focus, the smaller the moon gets the harder it is to focus as well.

The Moon – 7/28/08

Here is my some pictures of the Moon from this morning. I apologize for having none from yesterday, but it was cloudy and I was not able to get any shots. I thought I was going to have the same problem this morning, but the clouds finally rolled away around 4:30am. Here is four of my first shots. I am going to give three sizes this time. The largest, which is 1200 x 800 is specifically done for computer desktop backgrounds. Which, btw – if you are using any of my pictures as backgrounds, etc, I’d love to hear from you and know which ones… just because I am curious!

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